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Contact Us/ Questions & Answers


Please contact the IMMA Customer Service with your questions!

*Due to high volume of emails, we respond to emails in the order that we receive them (please be patient). 

*If your question is already answered in this site, we usually do not respond, so please patiently read through the entire site before contacting us!

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q: How long does it take before I am eligible to test?
A: There are no time limits to test! As soon as you have learned the material visit the "Testing" section and follow the procedure.

Q: Can you really learn from Videos?
A: Yes...That is why Instructional Videos have always been in demand for decades!

Q: Is earning your certification by video legitimate?
A: Yes! People even earn various college degrees through various legitimate online university sites all of the time! As long as you practice & learn the material with a partner/partners there is no issue. Historically there are known cage fighters that initially used videos and trained with partners out of their garage and made it all of the way to the UFC! Obviously most competitors train in a class setting...

Q: Can I see a sample certificate?
A: No! Due to people forging. All certificates are 8 1/2 X 11 inches.
Q: When I pass my Video Test do I receive a Certificate or an actual Belt?
A: You recieve a Certificate with The Belt/Instructor Rank stating the level that you attained!
Q: In what format do I send you my Test?
A: You can send your Test via: DVD, YouTube, VHS, VHS-C, Etc.

Q: Can someone with no previous experience learn from these videos?
A: Yes, but it is easier to learn the courses if you have previous Martial Arts experience. Home Study certification courses are a fraction of the cost of what you would pay at a Martial Arts school; plus you can earn your black belt at your own pace and in the privacy of your home!
Q: Is there a seperate Test Fee per belt level or is it one Test Fee from White Belt to the Black Belt level?
A: There is only one Test Fee from White to Black Belt if you send us the Test all at once! *Refer to the "Testing" section for the Testing options.

Q: Does the certificates say; "DVD certification" or "Certified by DVD"?
A: NO! It is a legitimate certification of a belt/instructor rank earned!
Q: Do I need a "Partner" to train in these courses?
A: Obviously Yes if you want to reach your "Full Potential" in order to see if you can handle sparring or doing dills with partners is the best way to have a reality check on what you can truly do!

No, If you simply want to go at your own pace by hitting a Heavy Bag by yourself, or using a Training Dummy, Grappling Dummy, Etc. and you want to see some improvement but you are not critical of the outcome!
Q: Can I send my Video Test without using a Partner?
A: If for some reason you can not find a partner during the time you wish to video tape your test and you have learned all of the material, you may perform it like a Kata or use any training equipment (Grappling Dummy, Heavy Bag, Etc.)!

Q: How long are the DVDs?
A: It’s NOT about how long a DVD is because most other martial arts Instructional/certification DVDs are 1-2 hours long with only several or maybe a dozen techniques taught and they are repeated over and over again wasting your time! With the IMMA courses; it’s about how many techniques/topics are taught in an entire course, and we list on each system how many there are…which is a lot more than the other Instructional/certification courses out there!

Q: Can I Download or Stream your videos?
A: No! All of the courses are recorded onto Region Free DVD's!

Q: Do you have sample videos?
A: No! All of the courses are clearly described. Our endorsements speak for themselves!

Q: Are your courses filmed in a professional TV production?
A: Most of our courses are "Home-made!" Some of our courses are filmed in a professional situation, but most of them are filmed using basic filming equipment. Some of our older courses were transferred from VHS to DVD.

Are Distance Learning Programs Effective?

Read the following article that appeared in

Black Belt Magazine: 


     In recent years there's been a boom in the sales of videotapes designed to teach certain skill sets to viewers. As soon as video was determined to be an effective teaching tool, forward thinking martial artists entered the fray and began churning out volume after volume covering every style imaginable. It has become big business. Up to 35 percent of the ads in Black Belt offer some form of videotaped instruction. They represent an almost endless parade of styles and instructors, with individual tapes costing as much as $60 and complete sets selling for $500 or more.  Despite the popularity of martial arts instructional tapes, no study of their effectiveness has been performed. Until now. In a quest for hard evidence, three subjects with no martial arts experience were selected to participate in an experiment. These are the results. 

     The subjects were three women, all of whom were in their 20s and in good health. They were tasked with learn- 10 kenpo karate techniques. For some techniques, the mode of instruction was one-on-one training with a certified personal trainer who holds a black belt in the art. For others, it was by videotape. 
     All the techniques were taught on the same day. Two of the students learned in their homes, while the third learned in a commercial martial arts facility. Before each session, they were told to stretch their muscles and perform calisthenics. Then the training commenced.  
     Each live technique was performed three times by the instructor. Then the students practiced it with the instructor as the partner until they could execute it proficiently.  
     Each video-based technique was viewed three times. Then the students practiced it with the instructor, but he merely served as the attacker. He did not make corrections or offer advice.

     The study determined that all three students were able to effectively perform each technique for the instructor in fewer than 10 attempts. No systematic differences between the two methods of instruction were evident. The subjects appeared to learn the techniques equally well from either source. The tapes, however, imparted the skills at a much lower cost to the students!