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Testing & Services


Are you ready to Test?
Please see fees below. Your name and rank will be proudly posted on our website for reference under the "Members" section. We have one list for USA Members & another list for International Members.


A student must send a Video Test (DVD, VHS, YouTube, Etc.) to receive a Validated rank for the training they have completed. Upon passing the test, the student will receive a "Verified Rank" from the IMMA. With this method we will be able to fully validate your techniques and credentials and they will be accepted world-wide.

You may send us your video test in sections or all at once. And there are no time limits to video test...Ever! And there are no additional fees if you need to Retest!

Test Fees:

*IMMA Courses Video Tests (All Yellow Belt/Beginner thru Black Belt/Instructor Level or per Degree/Dan): $180 Total from Yellow to the Black Belt Level If you send the entire belt levels all at once! Otherwise, it is $60 per Belt/Stripe/Rank that you are testing for!

*Krav Maga: Urban Combat Video Test  (Beginner level thru Level-1 Instructor/Black Belt): $200 Total If you send the entire belt levels all at once! Otherwise, it is $60 per Belt rank that you are testing for!

*Krav Maga: Urban Combat Video Test  (2nd Degree Black Belt/Level-2 Instructor & Higher): $180  Per Test

*Jeet Kune Do Apprentice Instructor Test (Phase 1 beginner through Apprentice) $200 Total *
You are required to send the entire phase levels all at once!

*Jeet Kune Do Associate Instructor: $200

*Jeet Kune Do Full Instuctor Test: $200

*Jeet Kune Do Senior Instructor Test: $200

*Rapid Assault Tactics; Apprentice, Associate and Full Instructor Tests: $200 per Instructor Test

*Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Each Belt Level/Instructor Test: $200 (per belt)!

*Wing Chun Kung Fu (Traditional) White to 1st Degree Black Sash Test: $200 Total If you send the entire belt levels all at once! Otherwise, it is $60 per Belt/Stripe rank that you are testing for!

*Wing Chun Kung Fu (Traditional) 2nd Degree Black Sash & Higher Test: $180 per Degree Test

*IMMA School Chartership: $200.00 per year!
~Charter membership makes you an official IMMA Representative in your town including benefits such as; IMMA charter certification, use of our logos, 10% off all test fees and courses, including a free Kombat Fitness DVD. This is Not a school License! NOTE: This Chartership is only offered to those students that are listed as Instructors under the USA or International sections on this site!

*IMMA General Membership: $100.00 per year!
~General membership includes an IMMA member's certificate, 5% off all courses and tests fees. This is Not a school License! NOTE: anyone can become a general member!

*Soke/Founder Certification
: $100.00
~You are required to provide us with a video or a manual of your system...it's that simple to become a certified founder of a martial arts system!

Certificate of Recognition by the IMMA: $100.00
~If you have a ranking under a Martial Arts Association that you have left or has closed down and you want your belt rank/credentials recognized under the IMMA, Simply email us a copy of your rankings and pay a one time fee for each belt rank/credential you want recognized!

*IMMA Replacement Certificate: $60 (Per 2 Certificates)
~If you have a ranking under the International MMA Association and you either have lost or damaged your certificate, or simply want another copy, contact us and use the paypal button below! The cost will cover one copy for 2 martial arts systems, or 2 copies for one martial arts system!

*Replacement DVD: $30 (Per DVD), International (Outside of The USA) $50 Per DVD
~If you purchased a course and you damaged a DVD (or more) and need a replacement, use the paypal button below! 

*NOTE: All Certificates are shipped via "Standard Postage" to USA or International locations! If you want an upgrade to "Priority Mail" or "Express Mail" visit the top of the "Courses" page and pay accordingly!

Jeet Kune Do Apprentice Instructor Test

Jeet Kune Do Associate Instructor Test

Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor Test

Jeet Kune Do Senior Instructor Test

R.A.T. Instructor Tests

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt/Instructor Test

IMMA Courses Video Test (Instructor)

IMMA Belt/Stripe/Rank Courses Video Test (Individual Ranks)

IMMA Replacement Certificate

IMMA General Membership

IMMA School Charter

Soke/Founder Certification

Krav Maga Level-1 Instructor Test

Krav Maga Level-2 Instructor Test

Krav Maga Level-3 Instructor Test

Krav Maga Level-4 Instructor Test

Krav Maga Level-5 Instructor Test

Krav Maga Level-6 Instructor Test

Wing Chun Kung Fu White to 1st Degree Black Sash Test

Wing Chun Kung Fu 2nd Degree & Higher Black Sash Tests

Certificate of Recognition

DVD Replacement

DVD Replacement International


Contact us for the address to send your video test to @ immaa@inbox.com